Is Oil Pulling A Healthy Option


What Can Oil Pulling Do To You

Oil Pulling

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Like almost every year, there is a new healthy trend, which claims to help your body in many ways.  This trend, is called “oil pulling” and it basically involves swishing with some kind of oil, instead of using a normal mouth wash solution.  While many people think that this is a great idea and that it does have some benefits, there are also some experts, who believe that this is not a healthy option for anyone and this is why we are going to tell you a little bit more about “oil pulling” in this blog post.

Dr. Ali Shatergholi said, “as far as dental goes, it’s going to decrease plaque in your mouth, which decreased gingivitis and hundreds of other problems.  Illnesses in your body, like kidney disease, lung disease, heart disease, it actually originates from your mouth.  The bacteria has to come into the system somehow.”

Although, Dr. Shatergholi does not have much experience with “oil pulling” yet, some of his patients state that they are having some positive results and this is why there are people who believe that this method, does help our bodies to get rid of some bacteria in certain ways.

According to Dr. Shatergholi, “after three or four weeks, I am seeing a decrease in the gingivitis, I am seeing a decrease in the plaque accumulation, so it’s been a benefit to their health.”  Some studies, have already identified which types of oils are best for “oil pulling” and they believe that coconut oil and sesame oils, are much better than some of the vegetable oils out there.

Some of the people who are studying “oil pulling” have also stated that they know it might not be the easiest technique and that not everyone might become accustomed to it, but that after some time, it may become a more regular thing for almost anybody.

The experts also say, that you should only put a one tablespoon of oil in your mouth and simply hold it for a while.  When the oil starts to become a little hotter, you should spit it out and this should be enough to get rid of some of the bacteria in your mouth, which could also lead to other health problems.

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