A Greek Style Omelet For Two


Healthy Breakfast For Two

Greek Omelet

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If you are planning to have a nice breakfast with your couple, a healthy one should be your choice.  A Greek style omelet, might not seem like the easiest recipe to cook early in the morning, but the fact is that it is not very hard to do and almost anyone can make it.

In this article, we will tell you how you can cook this omelet yourself and how you can treat your couple to a delicious breakfast every now and then.  Eggs have a lot of proteins and they are very good tasting too.  By simply cooking a five egg omelet, you will have enough food for two and with some of the ingredients that we are going to tell you about here, you will add even more flavor to your breakfast and give your body the nutrients that it needs.

Spinach and Feta cheese, are the main ingredients in a Greek styled omelet and they are simple to find.  Not only do they taste great and have a distinguished flavor, but they also have tons of nutrients and will make you body lots of good.  You can also add any other greens or vegetables that you like, as most of these will also add some great flavor to your breakfast and lots of nutrients as well.

You can either add the greens before cooking the eggs or afterwards, but as long as you have something as nutritious as spinach, you can be certain that you will be having a very healthy breakfast.  Some broccoli, some peppers or even some peas, are all excellent choices to add to your omelet and you can be certain that you and your couple will both enjoy it.

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